Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dr.s pontificating on Zamboni's work


Here is a link to some of the comments that a couple of Dr.'s who have really looked at his work have posted on his original paper. This is good stuff. I don't understand all the terminology, but I understand a great deal of it. I'll leave it to some eggheads to molecularly figure all of this out. However, you can feel that these guys can't debunk it either, but rather both come to the conclusion that this should be rigorously investigated. The thing I will always come back to since I don't understand it all is that the lesions seem to be right in line with the occlusions. Could the lesions be caused by this? I think the Dr.'s both say "maybe". So it's more heartening than disheartening because you should see Dr.'s comments when a goofy theory is posted. It's like a puppy in a shark tank. At any rate, here is the link for some "light" reading! I take off to go to my mom's today in Columbus and will be leaving tomorrow. I'm nervous, but not about the surgery. I'm nervous whether or not this will work or not. I think we all are. But when your choices suck so bad (the current shitty ass drugs), you will try anything when facing full on disability. Wish me luck and pray if that's your thing, but pray for all of us, this disease really sucks for me, but I know of about 400,000 other Americans who are just as anxious to see this work as I am. I'm sorry to have made this blog on such a shitty program that makes it hard to post comments. I just clicked the first "blog maker" that came up on Google. I'm also sorry I'm swearing so much this morning. I'm trying to work on that, but all the wonderful comments you have all sent me through my email and all the support is overwhelming. That coupled with the anxiousness about this being so close has 8 years of built up anger, sadness and frustration right under the surface has me very emotional this am. Happy trails to me! Here's the link:

God I hope this works.


  1. I also have MS for 8 yrs now. How did things work out?

  2. Dr Zamboni studies makes sense, i have always had pain in my neck on both sides, like a cramp, and i always said feels like something is not quite getting enough of something. i was diagnoised when i was in my early 20's, but always have headaches, and my heart would always flutter, like having to pump extra harder. i am making an appointment to have an ultra sound on my juggular vains. thanks!!

  3. I really hope this is true and works on other neurological disordersm especialy classified and grouped as auto immume disorders. I would like to have an input if it works in the case of Devic;s Disease, Please letme know

  4. My mother has had MS for 20 yrs. Im 21. Since she is unable to walk anymore she has been turned down for all trials of any kind. My parents and I were watching CTV and saw the Dr. Zamboni interview. It made myself and my dad cry, I dont even remember my mom walking. If she is able to get this treatment, it will turn our lives around for the best. I am in dance class, and have never been able to dance with my mom. If we are able to get this treatment for her, first thing I will do is take her dancing. God has finally answered our prayers, if she is taken. Even if we need to travel to Italy my dad and I are willing to go the distance with her. If anyone has info on how to contact or sign up for this study, Please comment. Thank you so very much

  5. I think this is all quite amazing. I'm a 56 year old male, diagnosed @ 40. As with an earlier responder, the discomfort on both sides of neck has been an ongoing symptom, as have heart flutters. Also have pressure discomfort behind the eyes and almost constant minor headaches. I can currently still hold a job, but my physical abilities have really dropped off and the fatigue really sucks.
    My only concern is that it is not in line with current thinking, and there are many drug companies out there who would really take a hit ($1,800 a month per patient) if a simple fix actually worked. I'd gladly accept any treatment which would reverse some of the day to day syptoms which make life a little less enjoyable than it needs to be.

  6. Wow, so many hoping on this. It could be a miracle! Both my sister in law and her brother suffer tremendously from MS. My sister in law has had the disease for 16 years and my brother in law for about 4 years. I would travel to the ends of the earth if there was even a slight chance that they could recover. Please, where do we go from here?

  7. Everyone take a deep breath now! I too hope Dr. Zambonis' Liberation treatment turns out to be the real thing. It will take a little while before the medical profession puts this under study and the results known. If I were considering one of the new medications, I'd want to consider much longer. If true, why couldn't doctors figure this out much sooner. Many are elated by this possible miracle, Dr. Zamboni could be headed towards a Nobel prize and the gratitude of the entire world.

  8. I am a 54yr old man and have been diagnosed with MS for 10yrs. I have really went down hill in the last few months(numbness, balance and vision), so when I see something like this it really gives you a lift. My brother and sister also have MS.

  9. This could be an ms breathrough ! Let's hope this treatment sets the ms world on it's ear and doesn't wind up on same pile as facilitated communication, bee stings and hyperbaric therapy. Let's hope and pray this could be a big part of the answer to this most devastating disease.

  10. I have lived with M.S. for almost 20 years and
    injected 100s of 1000s of $ into my body to find
    some relief.
    I am so pleased that, at last, there is real hope
    for an end to suffering and worry that weighs so heavily upon our shoulders!
    I only pray that our young, newly diagnosed people
    with M.S. can have access to these solutions in
    a timely fashion.

  11. The key is to pressure your doctors to ensure they scan the jugular veins and believe there is one other main vein for stenosis or narrowing. Then you will at least have the data you need to look at pursuing the surgery if you can afford or if they start to pay for treatment. Please consider praying for this testing process to be expedited, the results proven and implemented as a treatment.

  12. My name is Robin and I am I am 30, diagnosed 6 years ago. It was my first year of teaching when my legs from the knees down went numb.
    I, of course, was absolutely in shock and devastated by this news.
    A few days ago, my mom skyped me telling me about the news about the Liberation Treatment, as she lives in Canada. (Right now I live in Thailand...teaching overseas). I could NOT believe my ears. I was so happy that I just sobbed for half an hour...every day, I log into google just to re-read the articles about this. It's just so incredible and uplifting.

    My biggest worry right now is having to wait a long time for me to receive the Treatment.

  13. WOW!!! I hope everybody with MS gets this treatment. It is amazing to see that 1 doctor had the drive and amition to find what I think is a cure to MS. And yet the medical community in North America didn't have a clue. The Liberation Treatment sounds so obvious and simple. Maybe the MS Societies and Doctors here in Canada and the US are skeptics because they may lose a lot of commission cheques from the drug companies. To every person with MS including myself, throw away your meds. Its big bussiness for your doctor and the companies that make them. Demand better.

  14. i saw the w5 program on dr zambonis work ,the ms society in canada is offering a grant to drs to study zambonis work , i guess a lot of funding is riding on this but a small part of me has distrust of the namerican medical community , why didnt one of these drs make this conclusion .... you can check the drs salaries in canada as they are publicly funded , my ms dr at ubc gets 400k$ per year , not bed for pushing crappy pills and patting you on the head.i hope this puts this guys out of business.

  15. I was diagnosed with MS four years ago. For four years I have suffered debilitating side effects to all the horrible drugs that were prescibed to me. MS injections, muscle relaxers, bladder control pills,anti-depressants yuddah yuddah yuddah until I finally weaned myself off of all of them and guess what? Nothing changed. So whether or not i was taking the drugs it didn't matter. I felt the same and I still had MS. I still can't walk, have fatigue and no sense of balance. A great percentange of our American doctors, unfortunately are wined and dined by drug companies. They are glorified drug peddlars not physicians. I have had some very bad medical advice over these last four years. I know there are good doctors out there, I have not had the luck of landing one. Dr. Zamboni is a saint in my book and I can't wait to have his procedure done, even if it means traveling to Italy. I'll beg, borrow and steal to get there but I believe this guy is on to something. He tried it on his wife, for chrissake...There can't be a greater testament. MS sufferers start the movement for change in our American medical profession. STOP THE DRUGS! Give us the cure, now.

  16. My Grandma has MS and she has had it ever since I was a little girl. It went from walking with a cane, to walking with a walker, and then wheelchair and now she is in bed unless she is moved. After she watched W5 and heard about this new treatment/cure she asked me if I could please look into it and find out how she can have it done. She doesn't care if she can ever walk again but she wants only to feel better and not be in pain. Please someone contact me so I can help her get this treatment. THANKS!

  17. How and where can we get information on this treatment?? We're ready to sell off everything we own to head to Italy for the treatment!! PLEASE, get us access to the information. We all know how slowly the medical changes take, so if we want to see relief in our lifetime, we need to go there.

  18. I was dxd in 2000 been on beta scince tthen. I am going to have this procedure done as soon as poss.

  19. I was diagnosed 10 years ago with PPMS and because only 10% of MS patients have this it is not lucrative to research therefore I have been thru it all. I am currently not on any treatment awaiting something like this .

  20. I just learned about this treatment today and am absolutely elated!!!! I do have PPMS so will have to do some more reading to see if it is effective under my particular cicumstances. I have had 6 Novantrone injections thus far and they seem to have helped delay more progression. I would go to the ends of the earth to get my life back!!!!!!!!

  21. I´m writing from Finland so please forgive my spelling mistakes, but I really think that medical manufacturers are going to fight against this really hard. And most of the doctors too. So be strong and demand research, because you in Canada and USA are so much more in numbers that you can also help us here in
    "small" countries. If I talk to my doctor about this he just rolls his eyes and laughs.
    And writes more medication and propably gets
    free journeys to sunny holidays from med.manufacturers. So make noise, please and
    maybe something will happen here also. I was diagnosed 12 years ago and walking quite poorly with cane at the moment. It would be very nice to get some treatment... And Merry Christmas to you all!! Nina

  22. I have diagnosed with Ms since fve years,still
    use awalker or cane sometime,it,s about time
    for ms poeple to git rid of all medications,
    include injections .I am now 44 years old,I hope Drzambini'S theory will work out.


  23. My mom and Aunt both have MS... my mom PPMS and my aunt Relasping Remitting. When I read the reasearch, i just about fell over. We all need to pray that there are enough honorable, moral doctors to fight the big money and seek cures. Hopefully the cure is right around the corner. This is hope!

  24. For details on Zamboni's junk science see my blog:

  25. Does anyone know how to go about trying to make contact with Dr. Zamboni? Are they taking patients in Italy?


  26. I'm a 46 years old dutch male, iving and working in South East Asia for the last 14 years. I'v been iagnosed with MS since 1999 and suffered from cramp in the left side of my neck,
    fluttering of the heart (the heart is pumping extra harder for a
    few seconds), double vision, blurred vision, and loss of blatter control. My last relapse is one year ago (Feb 2009) and has impacted both my legs. My left leg is worse and from the knee onwards I have a numb feeling. I have recovered from each relapse
    and can still move around by myself, but my legs are still not back
    to normal since the last relapse. Despite the fact that neurologists recommendeded to me to start injecting myself with betaferon, I ignored it. Something was not good at the left side of my neck, because I felt it. So after reading about the findings by Dr. Zamboni, I had a MRV scan on Sat, Feb 13 and the result is stunning. The left jugular vein in my neck is badly narrowed.
    Prior the scan, I told the dr that I would expect the scan to show a problem at the left side of my neck. Well, that turned out to be true! He was stunned.
    Thank god I never took any medicine and I ignored a new treatment in accupuncture as recommended by a neuro-surgeon. It would be a waste of time and, more importantly, money. No need to be a dr to understand that a drug or a needle cannot fix a narrowed vein,
    because it's a mechanical problem.

    The result of my MRV scan is another confirmation of the findings by Dr Zamboni and I encourage every MS patient to go for a MRV scan
    as soon as possible.

    Next step for me is to find the correct dr in S.E.A. to open the
    narrowed vein in my neck. I will keep you posted.

  27. CTV sure did a number on Zamboni's supposed treatment for Multiple Sclerosis. It's media's job to fuss over things, sometimes to their detriment. Remember Y2K. The sky never quite fell, in fact nothing happened, nothing. The same maybe true of Zamboni's supposed treatment. Zamboni's discovery maybe as much a breakthrough for ms. as 'facilitated communication' was a breakthrough for the autistic. The MS world is holding it's breath in anticipation. I feel however we may be heading for a massive disappointment.

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