Friday, July 24, 2009

Important link to symposium paper

Here is an important link to a paper of Zamboni's findings for free.

I haven't read it yet, but will do so promptly!


  1. Nice job opening up the posting option, Lew. Hope the rash is calming down, and you're feeling a bit better everyday.

  2. Lew,

    It was good to see you yesterday at the pool and to see that you still have spunk. Take it easy, I'm looking forward to a full recovery for you. Take it slow. We love YOU!!!!

    Greg & Cindi

  3. Hi there! I was sent the URL to your blog by a very good friend of mine, who says she knew you in HS, but isn't sure you'll remember her...Her name then was Lisa Griffith, she is Lisa Holcroft, now. I noticed in her email tht She was sent the URL by Kathy Kerber of Troy, Ohio, possibly another HS friend?)Anyway, I read the whole thing last night and then read half of the ThisisMS message board starting at the beginning. I am soo happy that you have started this blog!! Thank you! Thank you!! I have MS, also, since 1983...I'm 50, now. My symptoms are very close to yours. I will continue following your blog and the ThisisMS CCSVI thread with great interest. I am making an appointment to see if I can get a referral to get tested. This is the first time I will be hoping for a positive test result! How absolutely wonderful that this could make such a big difference in so many lives! Wishing you all the best...saying prayers (for both you & the rest of us, MSers, too!) Thank you again, so very much for thaking the time and care to do this. I'm going to send Lisa a big thank you right now! Oh, what about sending Zamboni's report to Michelle Obama? Also, Montel? Don't know if it would get thru to the First Lady, but since her father has MS, maybe if we all sent a copy...?? It may be a way to get it some more publicity??


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