Monday, July 13, 2009

Well I got 'em

Well I have clogged up jugular veins! My azygous vein is normal, but my right jugular is basically shut, and my left is "flat". It also narrows significantly, but still has some bit of flow. He's going in tomorrow at noon to put the stents in. I can't wait to see if this has a positive effect on my disease. Stanford is a wonderful place. It really is. Great people and the Dr. is incredible. He talks to you like you would talk to one of your buddies. And I saw no less than three placques that said "summe cum laude" on them. I can't see that well so I didn't get the details, but the guy's brilliant.

He came in and we talked and he was very honest. He told me if I knew of the immediate improvements that most were seeing and he was like "I dont' know what's what yet!" Quite refreshing from a Doctor. Most of them have to be in the in charge role and he was just extremely pragmatic about this being so new and untested. He didn't once allude to anything that I should expect or anything. But as I've said before, my expectations are simply to wait and see. So I'll post tomorrow if my neck doesn't hurt too bad about how the surgery went. I'm absolutely beat but wanted to update tonight about what happened today. I't's 10:00 out here, but my body still thinks it's 1:00am!


  1. It's about 10:00 here on Tues night; Brenda just called and said your Mom had called and told her how the surgery went and that you were still in recovery.

    It's times like these when you realize how much you love and care about family........we're anxious to hear how you are doing!!


  2. Lew,you're in my thoughts and prayers! So pleased your surgery went well. I informed my sisters, who are praying for you also!
    Keep the faith!!!!!

    Love, Marianna


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