Thursday, September 3, 2009

Weekly update

I'm happy to post this week even though it won't be a very long post. I'm REALLY busy at work and have been working at home a little. I felt very stable this week with some really, really good days thrown in. I skipped my Coumadin one day last week since my blood was over thin. The next day was the best day I've had in three years. And the one after that was pretty damn good too. Then I went back on the Coumadin and feel the same as I had been feeling. That leaves me very hopeful that once I'm off the blood thinners, I'll be able to feel like I should be feeling. I'm very excited to see how I feel with no drugs in my veins at all. I just seem to be very sensitive to most drugs. Like I said before, I'd make a horrible crack head, but the thought of 0 drugs make me very, very happy. Those MS drugs; who knows what the hell they are doing to our immune systems long term.

Those two days were incredible because they were so far and above any other good days I've had in the last few years. I did twice as much, no four times as much, as I would normally do in a day. We are getting our shop really cleaned up for some high falutin' visitors, and I was out in the shop actually working with my body. I kept expecting the eyes to go out, they didn't. I kept expecting to get dizzy, I didn't. All of it. I call it the "MS cascade". That's when you start engaging in an activity and then the rest of the day you hurt, you're fatigued, you don't think clearly. Well not only did I work my butt off (for me mind you) but then I went out that night. I haven't been out, save going to friend's houses, in years, and it was a work day! I was very excited and slept like a rock that night. So those glimpses were not what I was getting before this surgery. I did nothing but feel worse all the time.

My shoulder is still out of socket, but Dr. Dake prescribed a muscle relaxer which I take right before bed and I have no pain this morning. I'm camping this weekend and that will be a great test. My last camping trip was right before the surgery and I still have a very clear memory of how fun that was (read: being facetious).

Things are different. Me and my friend Marie whose also had this are in somewhat of the same boat. We had a little more disability than the people who had almost immediate results on this. I'm glad our thoughts and the things happening to us are pretty parallel. That makes me feel that things are indeed unfolding as they should for us. I just don't know, and no one does really, what to expect and thus have spent an awful lot of time wringing my hands about when it's 'going to happen'. But things are different. My approach to lots of things has changed. Allow me to use a couple of examples. Since coming back to work there has been a common theme; I can work, but after I get home, doing anything other than watching TV or helping with dinner is about all I could do. Well here lately I've been going home and getting some things done. Laundry for example. I used to be intimidated by it believe it or not, because there are two flights of stairs to be navigated and I would usually just let it sit. I've been doing things like that. The other day I fixed my lawn mower after work, that's a refreshing change. And here's the biggie: I, and I'm sure everyone else but you just don't notice, always leave stuff that I should have brought with me in the other room or upstairs. So I had been getting my daughter and wife to be my legs. "Can you do a stair trip for me?" is a constant cry in our house. Lately I've been getting those things myself. And yesterday I walked to Walgreen's to pick up my muscle relaxer. The store is like .6 miles away from my house. Now granted a 5 year old could've kicked my ass when I got there, but I did it. It's things like that which I've been doing that are different. I haven't been really highlighting stuff like that because I still feel like ass after I do them. BUT I wouldn't have even tried before the surgery. And I still functioned and moved about quite well once I got home.

So I think things are still slowly changing, and once again, all on the plus side. I don't seem to be going downhill (knock hard on some wood) and that's just ginormous. So I'll talk to you all next week, but this week I'm just very content and feel pretty good. That's a good place to be right before a holiday weekend which I hope to enjoy camping. Wish me luck!


  1. That's awesome, bro!

  2. Good luck pal!! enjoy your camping trip!

  3. Yeah! Thanks for the update. I really appreciate all the information you so honestly share. Slow and steady, buddy. Have a great weekend!

  4. Lew(Rudy),

    I'm glad that you have been feeling better this week. (It looks like our prayers are working.)

    After I found out that Dake had found your stenosis, I made the call. Right before you went I thought to myself...if Lew has it then I'm all in. Anyway, I'm tentatively set up for Oct 8 and 9. (Although I'm nervous as heck about it.)

    Anyway, something is wrong with my computer and while I can read all I want to, I haven't been able to post any replies or information on TIMS. (I feel like I'm being is sooo frustrating.)
    At any rate, this congrats is long over due, but I hope things continue to look up for you.

    PS Are you almost ready to start working on your golf game? Maybe you could start with some putt-putt...

    Heather (akaheather)

  5. I will be (hopefully, it's only two weeks after round 2 at Stanford) riding around in a cart with my old tournament foursome and just putting at the fundraiser golf outing they are holding for me to help me pay for my co-pay!! So I'm not ready to grip and rip, but hopefully that times 'a comin'.

  6. Have a great labor day camping trip!!! Catch up widdya when I get home.
    xox, Momma J


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