Friday, February 5, 2010

Just had to post about this

In my never ending quest to reinforce that I made the right decision, I give you this press release by the University of Buffalo. Looks like this is gaining steam despite the efforts of the neurology departments at places like Stanford who don't like anyone playing in their gold plated, MS sandboxes.

Here it is and I think it will excite many of you!


  1. Loobie,

    I've already applied for the clinical trial for CCSVI treatment, and I've signed up for the $4500 diagnostics. I don't really have the money sitting around, but I don't see how I can't raid my savings for this.

    BNAC rocks.


  2. First study results:

    I also want to thank you for your openness on this blog.


  3. Hi Loobie,

    Love your writing and enthusiasm.

    I have just posted something about a doctor doing CCSVI treatments in Poland; he'll be in Canada (BC) this week visiting with the doctors there as this private clinic is equipped with the only publicly available 3T MRI machine in Canada. Find out more here.

    Kind regards,

    Colleen O'Shea

  4. I have just one question for you...who is the doctor at Stanford that did your surgery? You can email me privately at
    Thank you

  5. Ok, Loobie, It has been too long since you updated. How are you doing?


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