Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2 days later

I decided to post again every other day for quick updates. I know my last two posts have been chock full of positive news. I'm still feelin' it but for fellow MS'rs, I wanted to keep it going. You see running (it's kind of funny to call it that, I'll make a video once I borrow a camera) sounds impressive, and from where I was a year ago, it is. But the caveat here is it needs to stick. In other words, running a 1/4 mile one time and then not being able to run again for a week is not what we're after here. With MS, everything is a test; everything. Did getting up from that chair make me dizzier than yesterday? Did walking down the hall at work make my eyes go foggy yesterday? You are always on the lookout for things to get worse so you can go get 'roids, or you are looking for things to get better which means maybe you're stabilizing.

Well now after the procedure, I'm also looking for improvement. So running Sunday means I have to try and go at least as far as I did then on Tuesday and keep it up every other day. If this happens, I'll put a notch in my own belt. Well I did run the same 'course' again today plus about 100 extra strides. I actually could've kept going muscle wise, but my feet weren't coming off the ground very far and I thought I better stop less I fall. When you're foot is scraping the sole on the stride bringing your foot from back to front, that's a sign you need to start lifting your feet higher if you can. Well I'm not coordinated enough to do any high stepping, so I walked about another 1/4 mile and then did 10 sit ups and 10 push ups and 10 jumping jacks.

The report after just one tiny, little run on Sunday? Sore legs and ass for starters! BUT, and this was huge for me, my dizziness was basically gone all day Monday and today. That's what I'm talkin' about. That's what used to work, and it worked again despite not getting all hot and sweaty.

So I'll post for a while every other day. It's hugely significant if I can keep this up. Hugely. I would start to exercise last year, and I just couldn't maintain any of it. It was just too hard and too depressing to just keep failing on doing such strenuous things as, oh, a few deep knee bends. I'm definitely past that point so I think I can say I'm most definitely at a better baseline. I'm not healed or not "MSy" by any stretch, but being able to string two exercise sessions with my lower body together is just awesome for me. I hate to say it, but it is sort of a panacea for what ailes me. Anything that can take dizziness away and doesn't say "Antivert" on the bottle is A-Ok by me. That antivert sucks. Sure you might not be dizzy, but what good is that when you can't keep your flippin' eyes open? So I'm off to make dinner (we're having Chinese takeout, mmmmmm) LOL! I'll post again on Thursday whether I could do it or not. And I do know someone with a Flip camera, so a video of me running will be on here soon. It ain't pretty, but hey, I'm OK with that if I can keep it up and keep the dizzy monster away.


  1. "With MS, everything is a test; everything."

    Yes! I know exactly what you mean. Since my liberation procedure in March, I'm constantly measuring myself in every little task I accomplish.

    Keep up the exercising and the blogging my friend.


  2. Hello Loobie
    Of the dozen or so MS sites I earmark as favorites, your blog is the one that I check first when updating myself on MS news/etc.!! I find the information you post (on your current physical condition/state of mind) regarding your illness, whether uplifting news or not, always stimulating. Thankyou for taking the time to keep the world abreast with everything regarding your condition, and at times your thoughts on how collectively your family deals with your MS. We (my Canadian family), in a special sense, wish you and yours the best in either a hopeful upswing in condition Loobie or at least an acceptable plateau! My younger sister (50) now has SPMS and my daughter (20) has had RRMS for the past 3.5 years. I suppose one could say that genetically our family has a predisposition to MS - a very concerning thought. My sister is most anxious for some relief to her declining physical condition and energy level. Our daughter seems not to think about her illness in that she doesn't talk about it with us or her afflicted aunt in Manitoba. I feel however that such 'outward nonresponsiveness' is her attempt to protect both herself as well as, in a sense, her family.
    Not to say that I am a devoutly religious person, but I hope and pray daily for a cure to MS. To that end, I don't understand why MS societies and the world's political policy makers ultimately responsible for the directions taken within their medical institutions, can't see that CCSVI in and of itself is a problem ... but that addressing that issue with Dr. Zamboni's liberation treatment will surely have a profound impact on so many people with MS and perhaps other neuological problems, say nothing of the benefit to the tax payer in terms of not having to foot the majority of the bill on grossly expensive MS therapy drugs. Bless Zamboni and all others who have thought 'outside the box' and probably have unearthed the solution to MS!
    I admire your attitude Loobie ... Keep up the good work please!



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