Friday, April 30, 2010

Thoughts on exercise and MY MS

I capped MY in the title because we all know each of our own conditions is unique. I mean when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Random location of lesions in your CNS, and peoples' Central Nervous Systems are totally unique to each individual. So anyway, my personal thoughts on the value of exercise in progressive MS is sort of against temporary conventional wisdom based on what's going on with me. The conv. wisdom is that exercise is nothing but 100% positive for MS. That is mostly true, but not completely I'm convinced now. Allow me to elaborate (I hate elaborating...).

When your CNS is already "under a load" dealing with MS, I'm not so sure it is really good to push it past its' capacity. By that I mean that just doing mild exercise like light weights and walking (maybe it's just low impact that's the key) makes me feel markedly better than trying to exercise strenuously. I know, I know, I have a tendency to push that shit. But this time I really have not. Ever since the infamous roto-tiller incident, I've pretty much learned my lesson. I have taken it slow and worked up to trying stuff at what I consider a snail's pace. Maybe my definition of a snail's pace sucks, but I'm talking slow. But when I do it with much lower effort but for longer periods, I feel better, I can function the rest of the evening and all that good stuff. It was, of course, utopia when I was temporarily unemployed, but we couldn't have that while I'm still able to work, so that vaca. was way too short! I mean exercise is not a 'building activity' anymore. It may be cardio, but I haven't pulled the trigger on something like an elliptical or stationary bike yet so I haven't foud that out. Since that's a system and not a muscle, I imagine cardio can be improved, but everything is controlled by, in my case raggedy-ass, nerves.

Quick sidenote: I just snuck into the hall and watched my daughter through a crack in her door jamming on the bass. It's amazing how good she's getting; it's freaking me out in a cool way!

So I feel much better than I did a few weeks ago. I just only have so much energy and work is a must, so, for now, I must do that. It doesn't feel like it's at odds with taking care of myself 100%, but it just makes it harder. That's what this shit really is right now. Through no fault of your own, life just becomes hard as hell. I know why, sure, but it sucks eggs. It is a decidedly eggsucking activity this crap is. What it comes down to mainly for me is that my knees end up hurting so bad it makes me limp, which makes me tired, and so on and on. So as I'm writing this I'm talking myself into an elliptical machine. I've been saying that for a while now. I just need to do it but I hate to spend money right now. Putting just one kid through Catholic High School has put a dent in my budget, well actually it's the economy stupid!, but I digress.

I just needed to talk about that as I promised to blog about my adventures in exercising and I haven't, so now you know. I was getting discouraged, but I just do what I'm able and need to quit guilt tripping myself. That's probably why I'm writing about it. I seem to need to write it down to take it in when it's a self taught lesson. Well in the words of Forrest "that's all I have to say about that".


  1. We're like cosmic (o.k. maybe just CCSVI) twins! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and frustrations about moving the body. We'll get there!

  2. "Since that's a system and not a muscle"

    ...dude, your heart IS a muscle ;)

  3. My wife and daughter are going through your neck of the woods as we speak (as I type). My daughter wanted to check out colleges in Georgia and Alabama and they JUST called to say they are a few hours away but my daughter hadn't made accommodations or considered her rat and wondered if he was still alive. You know rats, hell yeah he was fine!

    I hope your long absences in updating signify that you're experiencing great improvements and have gone back to a normal life but maybe you could just update your blog to confirm that?

  4. Just stumbled onto this. When I exercise, even strenuously, I feel remarkably better and stronger. Then, my nervous system goes into all-out revolt, picks a spot, and starts shocking me. 2 years ago it was my right foot, now it is my left ass. Can't work on my feet, and now I have to deal with ass shocks sitting in a chair all day. Marvelous.


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