Saturday, April 17, 2010

The weekend

Well the weekend is here and I did keep up my exercise like I wanted to. I did not jog my 1/4 mile last night as I was scheduled to, but I did other stuff. The jogging, while very 'soul satisfying', may not be the best way for me to exercise...yet. As I explained a week ago, it's not my muscles so much now that won't go. It's the damn knee. It is killing me! Also my hip to a degree and I'm 99,9% sure it's because of an irregular jogging gait. Just too herky jerky, and thus too much of a pounding to my joints. So I went out back and picked up all the huge pieces of lumber from the tree that got hit by lightning the other day. That was a trip let me tell you. The tree literally exploded and sent wood all over the back yard. About 1/2 of it's still standing, but that dude has to come down! Then I mowed the back hill. I could not mow the back hill before the procedure. Parts of it are quite steep whereas if you are cutting in one direction, your hands are literally up at eye level as you are pushing it uphill. Well I did it ninety degrees opposed to that, but it's still a bitch, and as I've said, something I was incapable of before.

And the great part was that I was absolutely drenched in sweat. I loved that part. When you are used to a soaking sweat on a daily basis for probably 20 years, not sweating for a long time makes you wonder whether you can still do it or not. I mean really. So overall I'm keeping my effort up and working the upper body and running all over the place in little jaunts like to the port a john at my daughter's soccer games! The grass is more forgiving and I only go about 100 yards or so, but I do jog it, and that feels really good. I just can't road run until I get a steadier gait. I hope it happens, but if not, I'm doing other stuff now like yard work. That kicks ass. Yard work is something I totally enjoy, but haven't done for a while. Regular readers of this remember the 'roto tiller incident' right after I had my procedure. I think I could do that now just fine. It knocked my dick in the dirt right after my procedure, but I wasn't even recovered from the surgery yet, so it was a dumb move as it was really pushing it. But I just love being able to make plans and get excited about DOING stuff. Going out, things like that which I had quit doing.

So a quick update, I didn't want everyone to think something had happened and I had slipped back. Not able to keep up with jogging, but that's only because it's murder on my knee. So I'm simply exchanging jogging for other stuff! I'll update in about a week if I think I might actually be getting back into a little bit of shape.


  1. Hey Lew--great you're sweating. (I know, most people take it for granted, but for an athlete, it's a big deal.) Jeff wanted to tell you that he loves his bike now...easy on the joints, and he still gets a great workout. He was a runner, too...and finds the bike more forgiving on the joints--plus, he goes out on the trails and pushes himself on hills. He's a mover, like you. Yard work, handyman stuff, he loves it. Keep moving, Lew. Proud of you- momma J

  2. Lew, See a doc about your knee before the pain/damage gets worse. I had euflexa shots in my knee which really helped cushion the joint and helped the pain too.

  3. Hey Lew, my hubby and I have been following your journey (He's a fellow progressive MSer at age 34). Just wondering if you could post on if your "bedroom" stuff has changed at all since the procedure as well as any bladder improvements. His biggest concern is his legs/gait, however the other two are pretty important as well... Sorry if it's asking for TMI...

  4. Hey, we sure would like to be in touch! My partner has SP and is scheduled for the procedure in Bulgaria in September. He is very similar to you, including some debilitating optic neuritis. I've been busy reading him your blog, as he has trouble seeing a computer screen. He is very unstable and when you were talking about walking into walls, he had a great laugh! You are him, for sure. He was diagnosed with MS 11 years ago. This past year has been pretty hideous for him and just stopping the progression would be great. He also was a great snowboarder, golfer, hockey player, bike rider, etc. It would sure be nice if he could ever get any of that back. I'm going to give you his e-mail address (his name is Brian): Hope you will be in touch!

  5. Hey Lew,

    Do you have access to an elliptical machine. I have one and it's much easier on the knees and hips. I know, I know it's not the same as running outside in the fresh air but it would allow you to do the cardio and build up your framework to allow your muscles to help when your ready for running outside.

    You are an inspiration to me and I've been in contact like I said I would. Please keep blogging.



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