Friday, October 29, 2010

This kind of sums it all up

This video is by Dr. Hubbard. He's a neurologist who is imaging folks in San Diego and then sending them off the get treated at a collaborating hospital.

If you're curious about what this is all about, or if you just want to see analogy boy's theories vindicated by someone with a big brain, then watch this video! So good and the reporter is excellent. He asks him about all the 'contreversial points' (there are none) that have been ginned up by the neurological "elite" and is just awesome. Best thing I've seen yet explaining this thing in a way that makes beaucoup sense to me.

Here it is:

I wish I knew how to not just supply the link!

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  1. Very good video.

    At last the names of the three neurologist responsible for the troubles are clearly identified. THREE monkeys, that's all it takes in both countries to make millions suffer for nothing and make big pharma rich.

    And what about the gouverment's health officers ? Mere puppetts???

    Le Gaiagenaire


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