Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas everyone

Well I've certainly done a crappy job of keeping this blog up. Life has most assuredly gotten in the way and I have spent lots of time 'finding myself' in my retirement. I've also got a bit lost in the holidays in that it takes lots of energy to keep the house picked up and my new job of being house person. Extra effort for having people over and the like as well as just struggling with how much, and what, I want to write about. I love to write and it is so cathartic for me that I'll never stop that's for sure. It is just a case of having other things to do and not having an abundance of excess energy. My limited energy was used for work and life. Now work is too much so it's now just life and I am simply worn out at the end of the day when I used to blog. Thank God this isn't a job keeping this up or I'd have been sacked for sure.

We also just lost our baby doggy Pooka. She was 13 years old but will always be our baby. She was literally the best dog I ever met. Even dogs that I knew that were uber trained and uber obedient. She was the kindest 'being' I've ever known and didn't have a mean bone in her body. She was our CONSTANT companion. Everywhere we went we took our Pooka. She never missed a single thing we did except for one time when we boarded her to go to Florida for a week. And when we got back the staff at the kennel were upset that she had to go. Literally everone loved that dog. We'd be camping and the dogs were supposed to be tied up. Not Pooka. She didn't know her boundaries at camping, but nevertheless she would never wander off. She just KNEW stuff. We never even trained her per se. I remember wanting to train her to sit. I had gotten some treats out to prepare to start training her. It took one treat. No shit. And she never forgot it. Shaking was something she would just do when you held your hand out. And she always came when you called her although we never, ever trained her to come. Once again, she just knew.

And my MS? Other dogs would crowd me and get too close and get their toes stepped on. Again, she just knew and gave me wide berth. She picked up on things and was so special. She slept on my daughter's bed since my daughter was 2. She didn't make a peep and would only let out a single 'woof' when someone came to the door. She was the perfect pet and became our very good friend. We miss her terribly. There will never be another Pooka but we know that, the bar she set is too high. But that also made it so we will always have a dog. She spoiled us. but some time has to pass until we think of her and don't cry but laugh about the good times instead. She was just so good people would just be amazed. They'd be around her for a little while and everyone would say "man that is a good dog".

I could carry on forever about her virtues. I've attached a picture of Pooka defined. Even when she was a puppy she was very gentle. My daughter, at two years old, was typical in that she would get her face too close, or squeeze the puppy too hard or whatever. But most puppies would scratch and bite as they were playing and little kids always get 'hurt' by puppies. Whethey they get nipped with their needle teeth when they are just playing, or jumped on and knocked over or whatever. Not Pooka. This pic says it all. She was SO gentle with Sarah. This is the day we brought her home. At 8 weeks puppies are just out of control. Pooka was just the gentlest soul I've ever known and she was simply the best. The other picture shows how patient and tolerant she was. Sarah is an only child (well her brother is 15 years older than her so it counts) and she always used Pooka when she played as her playmate when friends weren't over. Here she is carrying Sarah's arrows around. She would put capes on her, bundles of arrows, all kinds of stuff. And Pooka would just tolerate it. I'll miss her so much.

Don't mind the dates on the pictures. These are pics I took of actual photographs!


  1. Lew,

    Sorry for your loss, man. I love my family dog, but she's high maintenance- almost as many vices as virtues. You were blessed to have Pooka for as long as you did.


  2. I am so sorry for the loss of your family member. I lost my companion of 13 years as well this year. It is tough, tougher than I think many people realize.

  3. Lew,

    Very sorry to hear of your loss. Unless someone has had, and lost, a dog they have no idea how difficult it is when they leave us. She sounds like she was a great dog. You all were very lucky to have shared time together.

    Warm regards,


  4. Your sentiments echo how we felt when we lost our beloved, gentle yellow lab at the ripe old age of 15. Our kids grew up as she grew old, and we all had a strong bond with her. Sounds like you had a very special and intuitive pet in Pooka-- they really do become a part of your family and it is tough to say goodbye! Sorry for your loss.

  5. Listen to westphalia waltz by jay ungar, after a few hours of healing, listen to orange blossom special by james last.

    Happy new year, and to your famely.

  6. beautiful dog. I know I have had dogs much of my adult life and each one is special and the loss of each one is very hard.


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